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Wheelchair Travel Tips
by Nash Ville

Traveling on Holidays has always been fun. Actually, it has become one of our itineraries during this most anticipated season of the year. But you know what guys; even disabled persons love to travel. They love to stay out of the confines of their wheelchairs, enjoy their lives to the fullest, and realize that there’s still a wonderful world that’s waiting for them out there. However, there are certain considerations for wheelchair users to make in preparing and planning for a travel.

According to the article “The Disabled Wheelchair Traveler – Holiday Tips” at www.apparelyzed.com, the author has put together some travel tips which will hopefully help in planning a holiday for a wheelchair user. Most of the tips are common sense but there may be a few you hadn’t thought of! To sum up, traveling tips where presented in this article for these people in terms of locations and hotels, flights and travel, and medication and mobility.

In choosing where to go and stay, if you book your hotel directly by telephone, email the hotel and ask them to confirm your booking by sending you a booking confirmation reference code. This will be an evidence of your booking when you get there, just in case for some reason the hotel denies a booking was made. This truly happens! In choosing the plane for your trip, remember that not all airline companies are equal when it comes to the disabled traveler. Regarding your medication and mobility, some airlines will require a “fit to travel certificate” from your doctor and a letter to say you are taking specific drugs. The letter from your doctor may come in handy if you are stopped by customs as well if you are on powerful medication.

Honestly, it was through this article when I finally realized how really hard it is to have a disability. I thought having a wheelchair is just enough for someone to continue to live normally but then, it’s certainly not! Instead of being given due concern by “more normal” people while traveling, there is still a bit of discrimination among them. Let’s face it; we can never do away with our being rude to these people sometimes.

After all, everybody deserves to enjoy everything this world can offer. Whether you are disabled or not, you must always take extra effort in taking care of yourself from unexpected incidents especially during travel. It’s better to set certain bounds on your activities to avoid unwanted things to happen. As for persons having disabilities, take your time to enjoy but always remember that your actions are a bit limited already compared to others.

There you have it, you can now pack your things and have a good time!

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