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What is there to do in Nova Scotia

>From its historic roots with New England, Nova Scotia is perhaps the best known of the four Atlantic Canada Provinces. Its key is its variety. There are so many faces to Nova Scotia, that one visit can not reveal them all. Almost surrounded by water, it has several different coasts. The mighty Atlantic has long battered the many villages reliant on the sea.

In fact, Nova Scotia once led the world, in the Age of Sail. With New Brunswick, it shares the Bay of Fundy, with its abundant marine life and the world's highest tides. Nova Scotia also has a northern shore. This warm watered and sandy coast shares characteristics with Prince Edward Island. Cape Breton Island lies at the province's eastern end. Here is the home of Scottish culture in the New World.

This island is considered one of the finest touring destinations in the world. >From its far eastern end two ferries run to Newfoundland. Colorful and cultured - delight in the sights and sounds of Cape Breton Island and the Cabot Trail. Explore the famous Fortress Louisbourg and join with the guests from the 21st century and meet the residents of 1744 New France throughout this captivating Fortress. The root of Canada's technical and industrial age can be found throughout the Sydney area. Discover Marconi.

Marconi National Historic Site, where the Wizard of Wireless ushered in the new age of global communication. The island is possessed with a gentle beauty; on one side, the mountains.on the other side, the sea. Follow through a land of pristine coastal beauty - where the past is a colorful part of everyday life. Nova Scotia's western and southern seaports provide a world of charming, photogenic Lighthouses, hidden coves with fine-sand beaches, and rugged cliffs with views that are picture-postcard perfect.

It allows you to trace the coastline (which in Nova Scotia stretches for more than 7,400 kilometers) as you rest at welcoming country inns, soaking up their historic ambiance and enjoying the tales of innkeepers. A sample itinerary might include three nights at Halifax, two nights at Lunenburg, and one night each at Annapolis Royal and Wolfville. Magnificently mixing past and present, Halifax has 250 years of seafaring lore. A port city is always exciting and this one lives up to it in so many ways. Cheerful harbor-front and sidewalk cafes and shops offer good food, good times and a Casino that wants you to play.

The music's all ready to reach dancing volume! They're just waiting for you so the show can begin. Spend some time in its cosmopolitan neighborhoods and you'll see why sailors come ashore for a while. Interested on this subject? Try this link for more of the same .

By: Dennis Miller


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