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Traveling to India

One of the most exiting tourist destinations in the world is India. Situated in the perfect climatic zone, the country offers such diversity that no other country of the world can offer. The country has three major geographical features that make it an ideal country for habitation and travel. The great Himalayas of the north protect the country from the chilling winds of China. They also offer spectacular scenic places and one of the most challenging adventures outback. The great plains of central mainland is fed by some of world's most prominent rivers.

The Ganges runs across the country providing food to almost the whole country, as well as offering challenge to the rafters for white water excitement. Then there is the Deccan plateau of the South and the Indian Ocean. They complete the topographic scene of India.

Historically India is perhaps the richest country in the world. It was home to the oldest civilization of the world the Indus Valley. The civilization dates back to almost 3000 BC. India has given birth to two of the worlds biggest religions.

Every now and then the scientist and anthropologists discovers new evidences, which fortify India's claim of being culturally most advanced in the ancient times.The Taj Mahal is the embodiment of love built by the great Mughal ruler Shahjahan for his departed wife Mumtazmahal. It has found its place in the seven wonders of the modern world. India has many historical monuments aptly notified as world heritage sites. The country has a diverse culture and it is evident by the fact that the monuments of hinds and Muslims are in equal numbers.

The political scene of the country is controlled by the capital city of the country ? Delhi. It has been a historic city, home to the red fort, which is the embodiment of the Moughal rule in India. Delhi is also famous for its bazaars and monuments. It is a must visit to the tourists as the embassies and high commissions are situated here.

To day delhi is the hub of urbanization. From the multinational s to the domestic giants of the world all have their headquarters in Delhi. It is also highly urbanized and it homes many universities for higher education. The city is well connected to the whole country through rails and air and the domestic transportation is also very smooth as there is a well-laid network of metro trains.If Delhi is the political capital then Bombay can be easily termed as the business capital of the country. The city is a mixture of various religions and nationalities.

The life of Bombay, now called as Mumbai, is very fast and the schedules are always full. It has the most prized possession of the country the Bollywood (the Indian film industry). It also has the Wall Street's Indian counter part the Dalal Street.

It is the witness to the countries economic ups and downs.India is definitely a place worth visiting and the best time to come to India is in the months of September to April when the country is booming with all kinds of activities and festivities. The colors of the country are surely goanna take you over.


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By: Mansi Aggarwal


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