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Take a Trip to Australia

When you finally decide to make the trek to the Land Downunder, you will need either a stack of guide books or a personal guide (I am available!) along with an interpreter (we speak funny English) or a computer to search for slang word meanings!.Take a look at this website: www.koalanet.

com.au/australian-slang.html.You will arrive to crisp clean air no matter in which of the seven states you land. Your eyes and mind will be agog with excitement. The land, the sun, the Nullabor Desert, the oceans on all sides, the white sand, two of the wonders of the world, every variety of ethnic food you could possibly imagine and most of all you will meet the friendliest people on the planet.

You will never want to leave.What more do you need?.So why am I living in Los Angeles? Good question.

I love LA, but I still call Australia home (good name for a song). My life in LA is just a temporary interlude, I am off to my home next year.I am very available if you are seeking advice or in the market for a trip. You will not regret it, of that I can assure you.

-Yvonne Bornstein, Author, Eleven Days Of Hell - My True Story Of Kidnapping, Terror, Torture and Historic FBI and KGB Rescue. www.yvonnebornstein.com.

.It took Yvonne Bornstein twelve years to get emotionally past the trauma of her kidnapping, torture, rape and rescue to be able to finally tell her story.

In January of 1992 Bornstein, a wife, mother of two, and businesswoman, found herself caught up in the political disintegration of the Soviet Union. Lured to a newly capitalist Moscow by a business proposition, Yvonne and her former husband were kidnapped, tortured and held for $1.6 million ransom by a group of Chechen rebels originally thought to be gypsies or members of the Russian mob.

The kidnappers were later linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.Yvonne finally found the strength and courage to move beyond the tormenting memories of the experience, to once again find her way back to joyful living and happiness.

By: Yvonne Bornstein


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