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Preparing your Budget for a Round the World Trip

So, you're thinking about embarking on a round-the-world trip? And maybe you're wondering how much 'one of those' might cost.Well, the budget for your trip will depend on many obvious factors: where you want to go, when you want to go, how long you want to travel for, and how plush you want to do it. So, how can you prepare?.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way.Fixed costs + a daily budget.To give you somewhere to start, tot up the fixed costs for the trip: your flights, visas, immunisations, accommodation (look online for basic figures).

Then you need to give yourself a daily budget for things like food, entertainment and attractions. A good thing to remember is that the cost of living is a lot cheaper in countries like South East Asia and South America in comparison to Europe.Budget for non-budget.

It's practically impossible to be a 'pot-noodle' backpacker for your whole trip. So, if this was your plan, make sure you account for the times you really won't be able to budget. You meet people when you're travelling, and not all of them will have the same eating and accommodation habits as you. Plus, there are always things you'll want to do that you haven't planned for. Add a percentage onto your budget for contingency.

Open a separate savings account.If you're like the average human being, you spend money as soon as you get it. So, put some aside on a regular basis. Open another account (preferably something that'll pay a little interest), and come up with a realistic amount you can save every week or month ? a 'trip fund'.

The best way is to set up a direct debit to leave your current account as soon as you're paid. Then you'll never miss it.well, maybe?.Make a bit of extra cash.

Can you do a bit of extra work to get some extra cash? Can you make savings anywhere ? make a packed lunch if you work, or miss the odd night at the pub? Another option is to sell any large items, especially if you'll be away for a long time (e.g. your car, if you have one).Where do you really want to go?.Make a priority list.

If you know where you simply can't miss, you can build your trip budget around these places. Having this in your head, or in black and white, might save you valuable cash when you visit a travel agency.Your expenses in the UK.If you have a mortgage, rent or other costs to pay, these won't stop just because you're out of the country (unless you stay on the run, that is!). Make sure you take these into account. Or, in the case of a house or flat, you could always rent it out?.

Coming back.Presumably you are coming back? If so, you should try and budget a little if you need to look for another job. You also need somewhere to live. Perhaps you can crash with a friend or stay with your parents for a short while? It's worth working this out before you leave.Most important of all.Whatever you do, don't make that big trip one of those things you never got round to doing.

The vast majority of people who go travelling cherish the memory of special places visited and people met for the rest of their lives.

.Haydn Wrath is the owner of round the world flight tickets and adventure travel specialists Travel Nation.

Travel Nation have the expertise and experience to tailor the perfect travel experience.For more information visit Travel Nation.

By: Haydn Wrath


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