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Naples Attractions

Naples is the third biggest city in Italy (after Rome and Milan) and its second main port. It's the largest city on the south of the country and the capital of Campania province. Nowadays Naples has a population of about 1,5 millions (3 millions with suburbs). Naples is also a very important railway and cultural center of Italy.Naples stands on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea not far from the famous Vesuvius volcano and the remains of the city of Pompeii destroyed by its eruption.Legends say that Naples is the place of origin of the famous sirens, singing mermaids who brought death to the sailors.

Originally Naples was named Partenope in the honor of the most beautiful mermaid. Naples was founded by the Greeks in 8 century BC but later became a part of the Roman Empire. By 12 century AD Naples had a population of about 300 thousands and was the second biggest city in Europe after Paris. Later it was a capital of the Sicilian kingdom, Neapolitan kingdom and the kingdom of the Both Sicilies. In 1860 it joined the newborn state of Italy.

Naples is rich in cultural attractions ? castles Castel del Ovo and Castel Nuovo, baptistery San-Giovanni, numerous palaces, churches and gothic and renaissance buildings make the significant part of the city. Naples Archeological Museum is one of the most famous museums of its kind.During centuries Naples was the favorite residence of the several royal families. There are 4 royal residences within Naples and its suburbs.

It's the only place in Europe with such a concentration of the royal residences.Among other attractions are Piazza del Municipio with view on Castel Sant`Elmo, Galleria Umberto I, Chiesa di S. Anna dei Lombardi on Piazza Carita, Chiesa del Gesu Nuovo, Tearto di S. Carlom, Chiesa di S. Francesco di Paola, Piazza del Plebiscito.

Naples gained its glory not only as cultural and historical center of the Southern Italy, ut also as an important commercial center. Various little shops neighbor here with the modern supermarkets, designer's boutiques. In Naples you will also find a great number of cafes and restaurants. Naples is considered to be the motherland of the notorious Italian pizza.

The oldest pizzeria in Naples dates back from 1830.Naples has always had its own atmosphere. Neapolitans differ much from the citizens of the other parts of Italy.


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By: Constance Blair


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