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Montreal Beer Festival Mondial de la Biere

The city is alive.
.Summer has finally shown its face and the first truly hot day finds the people of Montreal packing the streets, cafes, terraces bars and parks.

The pavement shimmers and pulses as if trying to keep time with the echo of the Tam- Tams. Downtown people are milling along rue St-Catherine and Rene-Levesque. There appears to be a common goal as the crowd masses in the same direction. A familiar scent floats on the warm breeze ? malt, hops, mmmm? BEER. Residents and tourists mingle on the streets surging towards Windsor Station and the 12th Annual Montreal Beer Festival (or as you say in French, the Mondiale de la Bierre ) ? Its Beer Festival weekend!

The Montreal Beer Festival is a showcase of Quebec Brewers and their finest beers. Hundreds of brewers both large and small display their genius and offer samples of their creations. Entrance to the event is free and the individual samples range anywhere from $1 to $5 depending on which beer and how much you decide to taste! Samples are purchased by way of coupons available from strategically located booths, along with tasting mugs, t-shirts, caps and all sorts of other Montreal Beer Festival related paraphernalia.
.Once armed with a book of tasting coupons and a tasting mug (for those decadent beer loving souls!) the fun begins. Back arched, nose to the air, elbows flexed and jostling mode activated; its time to merge into the passing torrent of people and swim your way to the first watering hole.

The knowledge that after the first few samples this exercise will become more like an enjoyable afternoon with friends than a medieval tavern brawl should be enough to keep you motivated and moving with the flow.
.Ale, Lager, Blonde, Rousse, Stout, Blanche, Raspberry, Chocolate and all the flavors in between! Beers of all kinds flood the senses. Throughout the chaos of beer stalls, strategically placed food vendors offer tasty snacks and meals to compliment the abundant flow of amber liquid. When you finally need to surface for some air the large outdoor seating area provides the perfect setting. Here you can find some breathing space and if you're lucky maybe even a table and chair where you can sit and reflect on your favorite brew.

.All in all the Montreal Beer Festival is a beer lovers paradise but still offers plenty to those of a festive nature with less of a thirst! Well worth planning an afternoon to visit and enjoy.
.This year's Montreal Beer Festival will be held from the 31st of May ? 4th June, 2006 at Windsor Station.

.Dustin Marcus is a writer for Montreal Tourist Information.

com. Visit our website to find out more great things to see and do while in Montreal.

By: Dustin Marcus


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