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Dream Catcher

You always wanted a vacation home. The idea of jetting off to your own mountaintop retreat or villa on the beach has played out in your daydreams since you were old enough to care what label was stitched into the back of your jeans. But these days owning vacation property comes with a hefty price tag. You have to think about upkeep when you're not there, insurance, and taxes, and to top it all off, you're stuck with the same vacation year after year.

Eventually that mountaintop retreat feels like Thoreau's cabin and that seaside villa is more like the antithesis of paradise. You want to throw your hands up in frustration. But before you sign up for one of those fly-by-night timeshare programs, you'll want to hear what Dream Catcher has to say. Dream Catcher offers a portfolio of extraordinary vacation homes and year-round access to some of the world's best private resort facilities for the exclusive use of its members. From Maui to Manhattan and Telluride to Turks & Caicos, members stay at spectacular vacation homes that average $3 million in value. For $300,000 and modest yearly dues (still far below the average home price in many American cities, especially in popular vacation destinations), and without the hassle of private homeownership, members can live far beyond their means, without breaking the bank.

So, instead of pooling all your money into one property, why not get access to dozens, where you are given the royal treatment? A dedicated service team ensures that every detail is tended to and every request filled so that your visit or event is a success. Your personal concierge service is available 24/7 for the duration of your stay. A Dream Catcher membership is perfect for corporations too.

Imagine entertaining clients in a ski lodge at Beaver Creek or hosting a team-building retreat in Los Cabos. Why not reward top-producing employees with a free vacation (that's already paid for)? Whether you plan to bring the whole family, the sales team or keep it all to yourself, a Dream Catcher membership redefines getting the most for your money. .

By: Amy Covington


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