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Come Spend a Week or Two in My Dream Retirement Piece of Paradise

An early morning walk on the beach just as the sun rises and the morning breeze is gently blowing that warm morning air. I love my stays in Dorado Puerto Rico where I can finally relax and leave the frigid cold of winter back at home in Delaware. I love the sunsets in Dorado also but there is something about that first morning walk on the beach or my early morning coffee on the balcony, I sit back and read the morning paper or one of my favorite magazines. I enjoy the morning breezes while sipping a nice cup of java.

On or about ten a.m. I can walk down to the beach where the anglers are coming in from that early morning trip out to sea with their catch of the day.It is always a surprise to see what they have caught today. There is always something I like or something new to cook up and sample a new type of seafood. I can take it up to the rental unit clean it up and save it for that evening meal.

I usually purchase something and save it for the grill. I look forward to starting up the grill in the evenings have a few drinks while my fresh catch of the day grills on the barbecue. This is my piece of paradise as I sit and enjoy my meal with a drink conversing with my family and friends taking in the beautiful sunsets on the rooftop terrace at Villas de Costa Mar Dorado Puerto Rico.My big dream is not to come back next year and enjoy two to three weeks doing this day in and day out while exploring all that Puerto Rico has to offer but to come back in a few years and make this my retirement in paradise.A week or two at Costa Mar is what every single person that sits in an office or works a nine to five, five days a week in a seasonal climate deserves. This is paradise if not but for a few days or weeks.

We all crave that two weeks vacation on a tropical island just enjoying the weather and relaxing with our loved ones. You owe it to yourself and to your families to get away with them and experience what wonders a paradise island like Puerto Rico has to offer. Dorado Puerto Rico is the perfect location just thirty minutes from SJU airport, twenty minutes from old San Juan right on the north coast of the island. You are still on American soil here and enjoy all the safety comforts of being home. You are governed and protected by the same laws and it is just two to three hours from the main land.

There is so much to do on this island paradise that even if you woke each morning and took a short car ride each day to a different destination to do something new it would take you several weeks to cover all that there is to do on this island paradise. For a complete list of all the amenities available to you on the island of Puerto Rico and Dorado visit the amenities page at http://www.villasdecostamar.

com/ there you will find links to some of the most informative sites covering every aspect of this island paradise.Come spend a week or two with us and enjoy our little piece of paradise you and your family deserve it. You have an open invitation to come enjoy my little piece of paradise and who knows maybe by the time you finally do decide to come, I may already be there enjoying my dream retirement! Life is too short to let it pass you by?.

.Alberto Rios has worked in the financial arena for over thirty-five years.

His interests in real estate investing lead him to his two most recent purchases in Dorado Puerto Rico. I enjoy my vacation home at least three weeks out of the year. We are always looking for new vacation rental places to visit.

By: Albert Rios


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