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Bath England Quick Guide

Bath is a city located in the south west of England. The city rests on the banks of the River Avon and it boasts a population of 80,000. The city has been declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the Countryside Agency on behalf of the UK government. Bath rests within the Avon Valley on the southern range of the Cotswolds ? beautiful, rolling limestone hills. These hills lend the city its charming slopes and picturesque steep streets. Bath also boasts a number of public parks, not least the lovely Royal Victoria Park in the city centre.

Opened in 1830, the park features botanical gardens, children's play areas and sports facilities. Another green area well worth a visit is Alexandra Park, which offers a beautiful view of the city.The city is famed for its baths, which are warmed by three hot springs. The main spring was a Celtic shrine to the goddess Sulis. Following the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43, grand temples and bathing areas were built to make use of the springs.

These complexes were rediscovered during the 18th century and today they are one of bath's most popular tourist attractions. Other attractions in the city include the stunning Georgian buildings, not least those found on the exclusive residential street of Royal Crescent.Bath is home to three legendary theaters, the Theatre Royal, the Rondo Theatre and the Ustinov Studio. These theatres are renowned for attracting internationally respected directors and companies. For post-theatre activities, the city is home to numerous traditional English pubs, which are of course populated by tourists and locals alike. Another popular attraction is the Jane Austen Museum and landmark tour ? a celebration of the novelist who lived in the city.

With an abundance of attractions, stunning scenery and plenty of cultural activities; its no wonder that Bath has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or that it is a well-loved destination for many tourists.

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By: Dara Ward


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