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An Adventurers Travel Checklist

The following is a List that I have gathered through years of experience and research. They don't neccessarily apply to an Outdoor Adventurer. You Pick and choose your priorities according to your destination and the length of your stay.

Visit http://www.thecampingguide.com for more information and the necessary gear for your trip. Gear Essentials Day Pack Flashlight Compact Binoculars First Aid Kit Sunglasses Multi-tool Watch Sunscreen Water bottle (with built-in filter) Hat Whistle Map or Travel Guide Compass or GPS receiver Pre-Departure Passport Visa if needed Health Documentation Transportation Tickets Frequent Flyer Cards Emergency Information Insurance Hotel Reservations Traveler's Checks Currency (both local and American) Credit Cards Guide Books and Maps Trip Cancellation/ Medical Information Copies of Passport, ID and Documents Special Event Reservations Travel Gear Main Travel Bag (Duffle/Luggage, etc.) Packing Accessories (clothes, small stuff and toiletries) Security (Passport carrier, luggage locks/ tags) Document Organizer Everyday Bag Everyday Basics Travel Clothing Raincoat/ Umbrella Travel Footwear Visor or Brimmed Hat Camera. Lenses and Film Radiation Shield for Film Video Camera, Tapes CD/ Cassette Player Electric/ Phone Converters Travel Alarms Language Books Reading Materials Address Book Travel Journal Pen/ Pencil Scarf/ Bandana Games/ Playing Cards Snacks Hand Sanitizer/ Towlettes Travel Neck Pillow Eye Shade/ Ear Plugs Portable Door Lock Tissues/ Toilet Paper Keys Maintenance Items Flashlight Batteries/ Bulbs Matches or Lighter Extra Batteries Sewing/ Repair Kit Duct Tape Travel Iron or Steamer Sink Stopper for Hotel Sinks Zip-Close Plastic Bags Travel Health Travel Health Booklet Pain Reliever/ Aspirin Cold Medicine Contact Lens Items Diarrhea Medicine Motion Sickness Medicine Laxative Insect Protection Sun Protection Antibiotic Cream Malaria Medication Personal Hygiene Items Personal Prescriptions Visit http://www.

thecampingguide.com for more information and the necessary gear for your trip. .

By: Centerprises


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